Invited speaker

Do we test our mobile applications as well as we use them?
Arilo Claudio Dias-Neto (UFAM)
Mobile applications have been considered an important technological innovation in our society. However, despite we are great users of mobile applications, are we so good testers? This talk discusses some of the challenges introduced by the mobile platform in software testing activities, presenting the main characteristics and limitations. This talk also discusses how the results already known about software testing across multiple platforms can be applied to mobile applications and some lacks observed as research opportunities being worked in this field.

Dr. Arilo Claudio Dias-Neto is an associate professor at Institute of Computing at the Federal University of Amazonas, since 2010. He holds a Doctor degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from COPPE/UFRJ in 2009, Master degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from COPPE/UFRJ in 2006. He leads the Experimentation and Testing on Software Engineering Group (ExperTS) at the Federal University of Amazonas. Prof. Dias-Neto had previous professional experiences on software testing in some companies (e.g.: Brazilian Navy/Brazil and Siemens Corporate Research/USA) and, currently, he participates in research and development projects with the industry. His research interests include software testing, mobile engineering, search-based software engineering, and empirical software engineering. Additional information can be found at