Topics of interest

 The topics covered by the workshop include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Test-driven development

·         Testing integrated with development activities

·         Program-based testing

·         Specification-based testing

·         Model-based testing

·         Model-driven testing

·         Mobile application testing

·         Cloud computing testing

·         Distributed and parallel testing

·         Prediction testing

·         Risk-based testing

·         Error-based and fault-based testing

·         Performance, load and stress testing

·         Combinatorial testing and random testing

·         Test case generation and selection techniques

·         Test oracle and test result checking techniques

·         Test driver, stubs, harness and test script generation

·         Test adequacy and coverage measurement

·         Test effective analysis and test report generation

·         Management of testing activities and resources

·         Maintenance and reuse of test artifacts

·         Industrial report on testing automation.